Bucket List

REVISED 5:28PM, 3/16/2023

I have been traveling and living abroad since 2011 (except for 1 year)! Go me! I’m living my dream. I worked as an English Teacher in Fukui, Japan, and Malaga, Spain. Then I got a teaching credential from UCSB, and now I’m taking a year off to travel!

Here are my general goals:

  1. When teaching, or just interacting with anyone, I’d like to spread joy and positivity and inspire people to be confident.
  2. Improve my Spanish, learn basic Italian, French, and German. Continue to practice my Japanese. Learn a few words in every country I visit.
  3. Stay healthy
    • A plant-based diet (95 percent vegan with no guilt for occasional exceptions while traveling.)
    • Walk at least 10,000 steps every day and work out regularly.

5 year plan:

  1.  Finish the year at Liceo Ingles
  2. Take a year off full time work to spend more time with family in Santa Barbara, travel and visit friends in the US, and spend 3 months climbing, hiking, and visiting friends in Europe.
  3. Either stay in Santa Barbara for a few years or find another job at an international school – maybe in Mexico!

Other things I would like to do:

  1. Do via ferratas (a form of rock climbing) with my dad every summer
  2. A yoga teacher training, perhaps in Spanish, in a warm Spanish-speaking country
  3. Intensive Spanish immersion program
  4. 10 day vipasana silent meditation retreat.
  5. Go busking.
  6. Do a road trip across the USA, stopping to car camp, hike, and rock climb.

General Knowledge I Would Like to Learn:

1. How to make balloon animals (I’m not kidding).
2. Nutrition, healthy eating, recipes, cooking, veganism, raw food, etc.
3. Meditation, breathing, yoga, relaxation techniques, etc.
4. Any kind of healing art: massage, reiki, chiropractic, reflexology…
5. All languages with focus on Spanish and Japanese.
6. How to start a non-profit, grant writing.
7. Business, finance, investing, etc.
8. More hula hoop tricks.

What I’ve Already Accomplished (in no particular order. Click the links to see photos.)

1. Did a solo motorcycle trip in Taiwan
2. Done some epic multi-day hikes in New Zealand – the Routeburn, Greenstone Caples, Mount Aspiring, Stewart Island
3. Visited the house that my great grandmother grew up in
4. Graduated from university – and had a great time doing it!
5. Kayaked and rock-climbed in Vietnam
6. Volunteered to teach English twice in Southeast Asia – Cambodia and Indonesia
7. Traveled with my mom in Australia and Thailand
8. Went on a road trip with some awesome people in New Zealand
9. Was part of an amazing ultimate frisbee team in Santa Cruz
10. Went skydiving in Northland, New Zealand – see the video!
11. Partied with my friend Sajira in Manila, the Philippines
12. Lived at a raw food detox retreat in the Philippines
13. Studied Thai Massage for 12 days in a tiny village near Chiang Mai
14. Taught English for two years in rural Japan – Echizen-shi, Fukui Prefecture
15. Taught English in a pueblo called Almendralejo, Spain for a year, and for 2 years in Malaga
16. Completed grad school at UCSB with a teaching credential and a masters in education
17. Lived for a year in Pereira, Colombia teaching 3rd grade and playing lots of ultimate frisbee


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