Spiritual Musings

Two months at a yoga detox raw food center in the Philippines has changed my life. Bahay Kalipay and the people brought me out of my shell in a way I never could have imagined.

Jeni Reiko, my aunt who was more like my sister, died while I was on a 9-day hike on Stewart Island, New Zealand. For more than a year I traveled ruthlessly through Southeast Asia and Australia, ignoring the excruciating feelings in my heart until they would explode at inconvenient moments, like the final exam of my Thai Massage School.

At Bahay Kalipay, I was finally able to talk about my feelings. I had only planned to stay for 10 days, but I was literally forced to stay longer because of Hurricaine Yolanda. Since then, I am renewed.

I fell in love with myself again and lost all of my inhibitions and fears – I can do yoga on airplanes now without a worry. I can jump onstage and perform without a flicker of fear. I can talk to any person I see, anywhere. Anything I want I can achieve. I always knew this, but now I can speak about it.

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