12 Places I’ve HelpX’d At

HelpX, or Help exchange, is a way to travel for free by volunteering in exchange for food and accommodation. There are other similar models like Workaway and WWOOFing, but the one I use is helpx.net. I volunteered my way across New Zealand and Australia from 2011-2013, and later found places to volunteer in Bali and Japan. Typically, I would volunteer from 4 to 6 hours a day and then have the rest of the day free to do whatever I wanted. After doing this podcast with my author and travel friend Rollie Peterkin where he asked about some of my favorite volunteering experiences, he recommended that I write them all down. So here they are, in chronological order!

Gentle Earth Walking

After the peach orchard, James and I headed to helpx at another property near Daylesford, Victoria. Being in Australia, we never expected to meet and live with people who embraced Native American ideals, but here we were! Sue and Don call their project Gentle Earth Walking, where they build custom made teepees, ranging from 15…