We Are Superheros

I’m facilitating a writing group called “Manifesting your Dreams.” I create the prompts as well as respond to them. Here is my response to the second prompt.

Writing Prompt: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? How can you take reality and twist it to make your superpower real? 

Once I had a dream where I was flying. I had a broomstick, I was Harry Potter, and I was exploring the airspace of Hogwarts. A few months ago, I had a vision that I levitated out of my body, and rose above myself, and looked down at everything. To me flying represents freedom, infinite power, endless opportunity, travel. But I feel that I already have access to these things, depending on my state of mind, so I am not choosing this superpower.

Instead, I imagine an alternative to soothe my adventurous spirit: I want to know every language in the world, instantly, without thinking.

This would make travel much more interesting. Imagine being able to communicate effortlessly and fluently with any person on the planet.

I’d ask the Mongolian sheep herders if they believed in God.

I’d learn the intricacies of the traditional Tibetan burial.

I’d go to Indian weddings, dressed in saris of dark marroon, and dance until the sun rose red in the sky.

I dreamed about this superpower a few months ago. But now I realize I already have it!

While the subtleties of relaying information may be lost, I can still get across the basic messages of life to anyone, regardless of language barriers. With a high five, a gift, a song, a magic trick, a dance, a wave, a smile.

Infinity lives within me, when I notice it. Or even when I don’t, its always there.

Volunteering Abroad

Hi readers,

I recently wrote a story about volunteering abroad, and it’s now the featured story on StartBackpacking.com! To read it click the link below:


Also, I updated my “volunteering” page with lots of photos. You can click here to find it, or find it under the ‘advice’ column up top.


Bonus photo: some happy farm animals near Riverton, New Zealand.