Frinjan: Anarchists in KL

The walls of their apartment are splattered with colorful posters, bookshelves stocked with controversial texts, and a myriad self-published zines for sale. This is the headquarters for Frinjan, a small group of artists and activists living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. “We don’t believe in monetary exchange,” says Farhan, one of the leaders…


James and I took a weekend trip up to visit our new friends Monika and Roderick in Belgrave, a beautiful forest town just an hour outside of Melbourne by train.

Couchsurfing Perth

Stephanie and Jacob were our first couchsurfing hosts in Perth, Australia. We were there for one of their weekly parties, an Aussie style barbecue complete with kangaroo! It was pretty yummy too.   The next morning James made spinach, cheese & kangaroo scones for everybody!