Frinjan: Anarchists in KL

The walls of their apartment are splattered with colorful posters, bookshelves stocked with controversial texts, and a myriad self-published zines for sale. This is the headquarters for Frinjan, a small group of artists and activists living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Frinjan Headquarters

“We don’t believe in monetary exchange,” says Farhan, one of the leaders of the group. “We want to provide a platform for artists and NGO’s in our home, and through our connections with social media.”

Farhan and his friends host couchsurfers in a spare room, which means they have dozens of foreigners coming through every few weeks to learn about their causes.

They also hold events at their home for artists and activists such as poetry slams and art exhibitions. At markets around Kuala Lumpur they sell zines and books that have been banned by the Malaysian government. We bought one called “Homeless by Choice,” an account from a college professor who slept on the streets and beaches for a year to learn about homelessness.

You can check out their facebook page at Thanks for hosting us, Farhan and friends!

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