Graffiti Laneways in Melbourne

Melbourne has dozens of graffiti laneways to explore. Luckily for me I had my camera when I came across this one. The entire alleyway had been painted light blue the night before I saw it, and artists had already leapt at the opportunity to cover the blank canvas.

The blue explosion was a bit of a controversy. Some others in the street art community complained that the artist had covered up some important work. I thought it was quite spectacular to walk through. Unfortunately, when I went back a few days later much of the new graffiti had already been tagged. Glad I got there in time!

Volunteering Abroad

Hi readers,

I recently wrote a story about volunteering abroad, and it’s now the featured story on! To read it click the link below:

Also, I updated my “volunteering” page with lots of photos. You can click here to find it, or find it under the ‘advice’ column up top.


Bonus photo: some happy farm animals near Riverton, New Zealand.