Lost in Vietnam – and happy about it!

Ask me a year ago for travel advice, and I would have said:

I have all the answers.

I know the perfect way.

What is good for me is good for everyone.

Ask me now, and I know better.

All I know is that I’ve figured out what works for me.


I was lost in Vietnam, completely alone on a rainy day, and I had arrived at the wrong bus station. Lugging around my faded blue backpack, I wandered the gray streets on this dark, damp day. I had lost my pack cover in New Zealand – it blew off in a gust of wind on a hiking trip – and I knew that my backpack was getting wet.

A few years ago, in this situation, maybe I would have been worried, but now I was ecstatic. Excited to be lost.

How would I find my way out of it? What creative solution would my intuition invent? How would the universe conspire to help me?

To read the full story, visit wesaidgotravel.com/lost-vietnam-happy.  Thanks to WeSaidGoTravel for publishing my writing!

street vendor

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