The Work of the Soul

by TJ Brown

To be kind is more important than to be always right.

Sometimes all we need is not an intelligent mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens.

From birth, two ways of being develop inside each of us. Consciousness and sub-consciousness are each others’ greatest ally and greatest obstacle. The sub-conscious ego is the master of the mind. It manipulates information it receives to protect our perceived reality.

The default objective of the mind is protection of the body, at any cost. It is our survival mechanism. To this day, we marvel at the capabilities of the mind, its sheer complexity, and it’s power to control and manipulate a situation.

The mind is tactical, and strategic. Fast to react and quick to judge. The mind also makes decisions from the idea that it is autonomous.

The mind is all powerful unit that can control any situation, it’s own God.

It forms opinions, often childish and misled, about our experiences and what they “mean” to us, and stores them on our “hard drive” as eternal fact.

It helps us compartmentalize and label our experiences, in hopes that we think understand something in its entirety, so it supposedly can’t make us uncomfortable, or disrupt our paradigm.

The mind draws these conclusions from either our past perceived negative experiences, stroking the feelings of mortal fear and deep resentment, or from our expectations of the future, stroking the feelings of constant anxiety, and perpetual doubt. These dormant feelings become the driving force behind our every action, and inaction, if left unattended without awareness.

The mind is trapped inside the human constructed paradigm of time and space.

To act solely from this personal microcosmos, where you are the center of your universe, is dangerous. It demonizes what it does not understand, and idolizes what security and comfort. It avoids resistance at all costs, making it the most resistant thing of all.

Many self-destructive core beliefs are the foundation for this structure, including but not limited to: existence is fleeting, fear of death preserves life, attachment is safety, opinion is power, wealth is happiness, I am weak, I am alone, and the list goes on. The mind has no intentions of its own, it is not malicious. But left alone, it is inadequate.

It works 24/7, and often over-works itself all on our behalf, with the intent of our well being. It is a tool, to actualize will, even if we are completely unaware of what our will is. The mind is often stagnant, a spirit stuckness, it operates in a cyclical struggle, as an enemy of change. The mind knows little of its part in the grand design of the universe, it does not read between the lines. It does not see the crucial role it plays in the individual and collective transformation of humanity.

This is why we must rely on the heart.

The compassion of the heart is the key to unlocking the mind, and setting it free. The heart is the Yin to the minds Yang. The heart draws energy from the very universe it self. It sees what it cannot know, and accepts what it cannot explain. The heart comprehends the infinite potential in all things, in all ways. It exists solely in the present, magnifying our senses and the perception of this physical plane.

The heart is our emotional center. It is the fuel for our fire. It connects all things, and non-things, to source. It’s purpose is to bring together. It brings confusion and clarity together, friends and enemies together, intentions together. Our heart is a connecting force, a one-way channel of information, and pure energy. It is both a reflective mirror of truth, and a cypher for lies and deception.

The heart is simple, the heart is clear. It is passionate, persistent, adaptive, creative and intuitive.

It seeks peace with the things it does not understand, with intention to learn and grow alongside others, doing the same. It challenges itself daily, testing it’s limits, to encompass a greater purpose, and discover new talents and gifts that life presents us.

Although this “war” between the heart and the mind is as old as time itself, the need for reconciliation and purposeful integration is ever increasing. Suffering abounds. Loneliness and disconnection is the status quo. Fear and anger are unintentionally nurtured from birth in more ways than we know. Lies and misdirection govern our perceived “choice”, and contentment is a distant memory.

But do not worry. Simply observe the path humanity has collectively chosen, and realize it is not the path we must continue to follow. The truth is revealing itself, burning in the hearts of those who seek it. The truth is spilling over onto those from whom it was hidden.

It moves through communication. It illuminates darkness in relationship. It manifests and flourishes in collaboration. Truth enlightens others, while enlightening ourselves. Others enlighten us in the places we cannot, and vice versa. That encourages us to compound that effect, and continue to heal ourselves and our world.

When you look deeply into yourself, your being will always fall away from your senses, tour internal debate will be silenced, and you will be whole.

This is healing. It is there that love patiently awaits you. Bask in it and let it fill you. Share your story, make your discoveries known. Integrate all things for the purpose of love.

Thanks to my friend TJ Brown for writing this! He is the first of many guest posts on my blog. If you want to submit something please don’t hesitate to contact me. Generally my blog is about travel and spirituality, but I will accept any kind of submission if it’s something you are passionate about.

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