Malaysia: Ghost Stories of Taman Negara

I walk in the treetops of the oldest rainforest in the world, balancing on wobbly bridges that sway with every step.

I stare into the trees, looking back in time. If I squint a little and let my imagination take over, I can see majestic dinosaurs stomping under the canopy.

Located next to a winding river, Taman Negara is the the most famous national place of Malaysia, and is home to  elephants, sun bears, and millions of red ants.

Tigers still live deep in the forest, although most guides don’t want to see one, even if the tourists do…

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3 thoughts on “Malaysia: Ghost Stories of Taman Negara

  1. I think you captured the spirit of Taman Negara quiet nicely! Good job! Looking back at my own trip, this was my favourite national park and being one of the stupid tourists to spend the night alone in there, I totally agree about the eirie atmosphere! But you forgot to mention the leeches! Oh god, the leeches!

    1. youngforever231

      Hahaha David, I can’t believe you slept in the woods! Actually I can. YOU’RE CRAZY!! It was rainy season there so there was really no option to do that, except for sleeping in a cave. Hope to meet you again someday my friend 🙂

  2. Suzanne

    Beautiful story and pictures! It was awesome to experience Taman Negara… Enjoy traveling and keep on writing, +1 follower;) Btw, burning man is also still on our bucket list!
    Greetings to James!
    Hug, Suzanne (Dutchy from Taman Negara and Carmeron Highlands)

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