Malaysia: Ghost Stories of Taman Negara

I walk in the treetops of the oldest rainforest in the world, balancing on wobbly bridges that sway with every step. I stare into the trees, looking back in time. If I squint a little and let my imagination take over, I can see majestic dinosaurs stomping under the canopy. Located next to a winding…


James and I took a weekend trip up to visit our new friends Monika and Roderick in Belgrave, a beautiful forest town just an hour outside of Melbourne by train.

Melbourne Boathouses

Here are some photos of the famous boathouses in Melbourne. This is one of the last places I visited before going home for a two-month break from traveling. I’m going back to Australia in the end of May!

National Park in Albany

  My friend Yanina took me to the national park in Albany, a really magical spot! Here is the natural bridge   Epic cliffs