Gentle Earth Walking

After the peach orchard, James and I headed to helpx at another property near Daylesford, Victoria. Being in Australia, we never expected to meet and live with people who embraced Native American ideals, but here we were!

Sue and Don call their project Gentle Earth Walking, where they build custom made teepees, ranging from 15 to 25 feet wide. It’s a long and loving process: collecting trees from the forest for poles, stripping, sanding, and polishing them, and sewing the canvas cover.  Their other big project is called Timber Benders – Don makes benches, awnings, and other structures in his enormous workshop.

They run sweat lodges and spiritual gatherings, build straw-bale houses, and live off the grid, relying on their solar panels for electricity. To take a hot shower you have to start a fire under the water tank!

We had an amazing time with them, and who knows, maybe we will go back someday.