Volunteering Abroad

Hi readers,

I recently wrote a story about volunteering abroad, and it’s now the featured story on StartBackpacking.com! To read it click the link below:


Also, I updated my “volunteering” page with lots of photos. You can click here to find it, or find it under the ‘advice’ column up top.


Bonus photo: some happy farm animals near Riverton, New Zealand.

G’day from Australia!

The last time I blogged was in Tianyar, Bali, when James and I were teaching english and writing content for a website. Here’s a brief update of what we’ve done since then:

September: Flew to Perth, Western Australia, where we couchsurfed with some fun people for a week. Tried kangaroo at a bbq, it was actually really tasty. (I’m not a vegetarian anymore; gave it up in Asia because I wanted to try all of the yummy local food!)

Found a French girl on gumtree, the Australian equivalent to Craigslist, who was driving South, so we went along with her for a 5-day road trip along the coast and through the forest!

October, November: We set up shop in Albany, Australia, population 30,000. James worked two jobs, picking strawberries in the morning and at McDonalds in the evenings 3-4 times per week. I worked for a month as a dishwasher at a cafe and for three weeks picking strawberries. We rented a room in a shared house and found some used bikes to ride around town.

December: We met some fun backpackers who were embarking on a road trip across the country to Sydney, and we thought it was a good opportunity for us to go with them. It was a crazy trip with the 5 other people – two German girls who did their make-up every morning, an Aussie and an Englishman who liked to get naked and take photos in front of roadside attractions.

After 5 days we decided to get off in Adelaide, where we couchsurfed with Kim, a nice hippie, and are now couchsurfing at another house that is closer to downtown. Marion, the owner of this house, left to visit family for Christmas, but she’s letting us and 3 other couchsurfers stay at her place while she is gone.

Happy Holidays, its bloody hot here!

from Amber and James