Volunteering Abroad

Hi readers,

I recently wrote a story about volunteering abroad, and it’s now the featured story on StartBackpacking.com! To read it click the link below:


Also, I updated my “volunteering” page with lots of photos. You can click here to find it, or find it under the ‘advice’ column up top.


Bonus photo: some happy farm animals near Riverton, New Zealand.

Taralee Orchard

James and I volunteered at a stone fruit orchard near Port Pirie, Southern Australia called Taralee Orchard. We stayed for about two weeks and were really happy with our experience! There were 5 other helpers there – Kyoko, Emma, and Marco from Japan, and Werner and Regina from Switzerland. Meeting and socializing with the other helpers was a highlight of our stay, as well as actively learning how dried fruit is made!

To find some fun places to volunteer near you, check out the website helpx.net. You can also look at my volunteering page.