Volunteering Abroad

Hi readers,

I recently wrote a story about volunteering abroad, and it’s now the featured story on StartBackpacking.com! To read it click the link below:


Also, I updated my “volunteering” page with lots of photos. You can click here to find it, or find it under the ‘advice’ column up top.


Bonus photo: some happy farm animals near Riverton, New Zealand.

Tasmania: Up the East Coast

Here are a few pictures from our trip up the East Coast of Tasmania. We really took our time, spending 2 weeks to do a trip lots of people do in just a few days. We had lots of leisurely walks on beaches, and did a couple of longer treks on Maria Island and around Wineglass Bay.

There were adorable wallabies everywhere, who would have happily eaten out of our hands if we had offered food. We had heard not to feed them, though obviously lots of people do.

Alpaca Shearing

We were lucky to see some alpacas being sheared outside of Albany in Western Australia. Thanks to our Taiwanese friends Stephanie and Victor for inviting us!

ImageThe alpacas were nervous to begin with – they were bleating miserably. Even though the shearing doesn’t hurt them, it must be uncomfortable!ImageThe shearers put them down on the ground as gently as possible. Some of the feistier animals struggled and complained loudly.ImageOnce they were down, they had their toenails and teeth cut before getting shorn. It was quite intense and I decided to leave the room after a bit.Image They look very skinny and miserable by the end of it, but in the hot summer months who wouldn’t be happier naked?