Teaching and travel podcast

These days of online classes are blending into each other – I’m currently in a graduate school program through the University of California at Santa Barbara for becoming an elementary school teacher in California. All the classes are online through zoom. To escape my daily routine, I find that reliving my adventures helps me to travel through my memories. I was excited to participate in a podcast with my friend Rollie Peterkin, who I met in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands in Spain.

I talk about volunteering on farms in New Zealand and Australia and teaching English in Japan and Spain. We go into the advantages of staying in youth hostels and what I learned while traveling alone. Click the link below to check out the podcast!


Below you can see some photos from the hike on Tenerife that I did when I first met Rollie. I was visiting my friend Jessica, a fellow English teacher, who joined us for the hike. She still lives on the Canary Islands, and you can see her blog at www.jessicaluciano.blog. We took a bus on narrow, winding mountain roads to Benijo and walked on steep cliff-side trails to Faro de Anaga. We discovered crumbling abandoned buildings and wild goats along the way. Then we trekked up and over a mountain to a village called Chamorga where we just barely caught the last bus back!

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