My Recent Published Work

A few years ago, I was traveling alone in Chiang Mai, Thailand, contemplating five hundred chairs set up in front of the enormous Tha Phae gate in the old quarter, when I was randomly approached by another traveler: “Hey, do you know what’s going on here?” I was talking to perpetual vagabond Greg Rogers, who has been traveling for more than ten years after he sold his house, quit his job and decided to become a full-time travel writer. We never found out what the chairs were for, but I made a lifelong friend!

We started talking, and I learned about his success funding his travels from the different websites he runs. He found out I was a writer too and asked me to contribute to his travel sites. Now, five years later, we’ve kept in touch, and I just wrote an article called “How to Move to Spain” for his newly redesigned You can read my story here:

I taught English in Japan for two years with the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program) Program in the mountinous and snowy Fukui Prefecture. There were over a hundred native teachers who comprised the foreign community in Fukui, many of whom became my close friends.

After I left, I was asked by our community magazine called JET Fuel for an interview. They talked with four people who had left the program and moved on to different things. I’m teaching English in Spain, Akito is starting medical school, Stuart is teaching in China, and Vienna is working for a Japanese company in Los Angeles.

You can read it here! My interview is on page 53.

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