Goodbye, Melbourne

I lived in Melbourne for 4 months, and fell in love with the architecture, buskers, public transport, and art scene. It is a beautiful and liveable city; this year it was voted the #1 most Liveable City in the World.

I had a myriad of well-paying jobs, from being a kitchenhand to babysitting to cleaning and nannying for kosher Jewish families – we were living in Caulfield North, the Jewish neighborhood. With persistance anyone can find a job there. I’d reccommend Melbourne to any traveler seeking a job, or just for a quick visit.

My favorite places include Federation Square (so many free museums there!) The State Library of Victoria, Degraves Street for a bite, the Botanic Gardens, and just wandering around the graffiti laneways.

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  1. BB says:

    I am thrilled to have spent some time with you there on our road trip!
    It IS full of creativity and urban excitement!

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