Hanging Rock

Last weekend I went to Hanging Rock, a popular weekend destination for Melbournites, located close to the Macedon Ranges. It’s a geological site over 6 million years old called a mamelon, created by stiff lava flowing out of a small vent and stacking to create a hill with vertical rocks.

It’s only an hour train ride from Melbourne, although you do have to take a taxi or hitchhike to where it is from the train station. I went with my new Israeli friends Michal and Rani and my partner James. It was a fun day outing, nice to get out of this city and climb on some rocks outside.

3 thoughts on “Hanging Rock

  1. What a beautiful place. What are all those quilts and tree decorations?
    Are they handmade? Special celebration? Love the wildlife. Looks cold there!!

  2. that’s what I noticed first: looks cold! you are by the Antarctic, and it is wintertime! I remember how cold it was in New Zealand around this time of year… and it was muy frio! What a fun outing! Can you imagine yourself living in a small town like that? You’ve seen so many places now! Really pretty spot. Have you seen any runners or races? Keep an eye out for Sydney Olympic pins for me. Go Amber!

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