Australian Slang

Here is some funny Australian slang I’ve picked up. Most of these are thanks to John Sargent, my long lost cousin from Hobart, Tasmania. Can you think of any more?

Lazy yet cute abbreviations for everyday things (they do this in New Zealand too)

    • brekkie: breakfast
    • smoko: breaktime (not everyone smokes though!)
    • Maccas: McDonalds
    • bikkie: cookie
    • sunnies: sunglasses
    • tea: dinner (this one irks me because they don’t even drink tea at dinnertime!)
    • pav: pavlova (a fluffy dessert with egg whites and powdered sugar

Another theme: pissing

    • on the piss: drinking
    • pissed: drunk
    • fairy’s piss: a misty day
    • pissing down: raining hard

Common ones you hear everyday:

    • ta: thank you
    • blokes: men
    • good on you: well done
    • harya garn: funny greeting, sounds like ‘how are you going’


    • dag: the poopy end of a sheep’s butt

Funny sayings

    • Make hay while the sun still shines: Take advantage of the opportunity
    • Their ears must be burning: Talking about someone who isn’t present
    • Keep taking your tablets: Say to someone who is saying something over the top
    • He doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet: He’s a hard worker!
    • The sights you see when you haven’t got a gun!: Look who’s showed up!

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